How to Remove the Stereo in a Honda Accord?

14. května 2019 v 4:45
How to Remove the Stereo in a Honda Accord? Accord is one of the most famous cars all over the world. It is special for its grand look. Accord is produced by the company called Honda which is also famous. Honda Accord comes with a built in radio set which is of very high quality and performance. Honda Accords default radio set is present at the center of the cars front dash board just after the dash panel. The dash panel covers the radio set. Many people prefer alternate radio set to improve the performance and quality of their audio system. In order to do so the default radio set should be removed first. Removing Accords radio set is not very easy but still it can be done on your own without looking for the help from a mechanic or an engineer. You can save your time and money by doing this on your own. This article will lists all the tools that are required to remove the radio set and it also explains the method to remove the radio set from the dash board of Honda Accord safely without much difficulty. The things that are needed are screw driver (Phillips), screw driver with flat head, panel tool to remove the trim panel. Make sure that all these tools are ready before you start the work. The negative cable of the cars battery is unplugged first. Clamp of the cable is loosened using the screw driver with flat head. The cable is placed inside. Use your screw driver with flat head to pry the center clock from the cars dash board. There is a gap between the housing of the center clock and trim panel in which the screw driver will fit perfectly. The housing of the clock is pulled carefully using your hand and the power cable which is present on the back side of the cars center clock is unplugged. The clock is placed away for this moment. The rear side of the cars dash opening will have screws which are removed using the screw driver (Phillips). The bottom side of the cars dash panel will have two screws. Both are removed by the same screw driver. The panel that is present around the cars stereo is pulled carefully by your hand. The wiring to the weather controllers is removed. After you remove it, the panel is removed easily and it is placed away. You will bimetallic barrel Suppliers find four screws on the edges of the radio set. These screws are removed using appropriate screw driver. Use your both hands to pull the radio set out by giving equal forces on two sides. The radio set is pulled such a way that the back side of the radio is visible. Disconnect all the wires. Power cable and the antenna are pulled by your hand. You will find a binder to group all the plastic speaker wires. The binder itself is pulled carefully. Thus this article explains How to Remove the Stereo in a Honda Accord without much difficulty.

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